MoCa MaD

Fokus pa klimavenlig mad, smag og maddannelse - fordi hver tallerken tæller

We are two ambitious entrepreneurs/responsible chefs who work with healthy food from sustainable sources. We combine academic background – philology and philosophy – together with gastronomy, pastry education and years of kitchen, farming and also teaching experience.

Chefs have the possibility to reconnect nature, heritage, culture and recipes. The way we cook, eat and treat food has an effect on everything on this planet.

Food is not only there for our tastebuds. It is political, historical and combines everything which is culture, which is human. There is not really a stronger bound than gathering around a table with others, sharing food and thoughts with each other.

We organize interesting, provocative talks always ending with good and fair food, because good food connects all of these topics and us all. Because good food especially when shared, gives a feeling of belonging to each other around the table. When there is good food and love around a table we can have a converstaion and share our thoughts. This is what we call urgent social sustainablity.

The MoCa MaD wants to be a role-model to create a small scale circular economy with the producers of the
area, and an academic laboratory to involve students and scholars of Moesgaard in debates and researches
around food sustainability. MoCa MaD is creating food- awareness, based on 80/20 principles led by two responsible chefs in Aarhus.






Zsófia Anna Tóth


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