Become a Changemaker

As a Changemaker, you demonstrate how you work with the sustainability agenda. Here, concrete action is the focus. It concerns the way in which you translate your knowledge about sustainability into concrete action that will inspire others to embark on or continue their sustainable journey.

As a Changemaker, you contribute to driving sustainable societal change. We are all part of the change needed to achieve Aarhus’s, Denmark’s, and the UN’s goals.

Find inspiration to do sustainable action

Greenlight Aarhus unites an entire city community around sustainable change. Changemakers participate across the various sectors of the city: Citizens, Businesses, Educational Institutions, Culture and Association activities, and the Municipality. Become inspired by current Changemakers.

Plan your own activities

The programme for Greenlight Aarhus is open source. This means that you arrange your own activities and enter them into the programme.

You develop your own agenda when you plan activities as part of the Greenlight event week. Your activities should aim to demonstrate how you work with sustainability and need to be oriented towards the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

It is free of charge to be part of Greenlight Aarhus, and Changemakers are free to earn money from their activities. Green transition also means green turnover. Our ambition to create a modern, sustainable urban community entails sustainable consumption.

How do I become a Changemaker?

  • Join us as a Changemaker, free of charge
  • Plan activities for the Greenlight week (join here)
  • Enter your activities into the programme
  • Your activities must be oriented towards the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Demonstrate your concrete sustainable actions
  • Use Greenlight Aarhus’s brand identity for co-branding. Find the design guide here
  • Share your Greenlight activities on your own marketing platforms
  • Become part of a positive movement
  • Become part of the Greenlight Community all year round
Mogens Lykketoft
“Global Goals and climate action are about leaving a peaceful and sustainable world for our grandchildren. Greenlight Aarhus is an important pioneer in this effort.””

— Mogens Lykketoft, Chairman, Energinet

Being a Changemaker

Why is it important to be a Changemaker?

The first 50% left the last 90%. According to the Secretariat for Climate and Green Transition, Aarhus Municipality has achieved 50% of the goal to becoming a carbon neutral urban community in 2030. The Municipality only has about 10% direct influence on the remaining 50% – the rest relies on citizens and businesses.

This is why we need to unite as a city around a shared goal: helping each other to accelerate the sustainable transition in Aarhus through a shared effort. Therefore, it is important that we all become part of the transition to become a green and responsible community.

Get started as a Changemaker

Find help to get started as a Changemaker.

This is how you become a Changemaker

Welcome as a Changemaker in Greenlight Aarhus.

You are now ready to set up your Changemaker profile, and then you will be ready to enter your activities. It requires only 4 steps.


Create a user profile

You need a user profile on the home page to be able to log in, set up your Changemaker profile and enter your activities. Click the button to create your user profile.

When you click the button, you will be redirected to This happens to ensure high security.


Log in

When you have received an email confirmation that your user profile has been created, you can log in.

If you have forgotten your password, here is how to create a new one.


Set up your Changemaker profile

Start by setting up your Changemaker profile. Click the menu item “Your Changemaker profile” to enter set-up.


Enter your activities

Now you are ready to add your activities to the programme for Greenlight Aarhus, 29 March – 3 April. Your activities will automatically be included in the programme when you enter one or more dates and times. Click the menu item “Your activities” to enter new activities.

Become a sponsor

Greenlight is a non-profit business organisation and a private initiative. Sponsors and private foundations make it possible to engage the entire city in accelerating sustainable change – free of charge.

As a sponsor, you choose and donate a given amount to operations and/or development of Greenlight, events and Greenlight’s programme platform.

As a main sponsor, you can influence the agenda for the development of Greenlight, e.g., the choice of project areas prior to the annual urban event.

As a sponsor, you support the sustainability agenda and goals, help promote Aarhus as a sustainable pioneer city, and contribute to illustrating “the Scandinavian model” in practice.

A sponsorship is not necessarily financial; other examples are the Greenlight project office, bookkeeping, accountancy, event and meeting venues, installations in the city during Greenlight, films about Greenlight and much more.

As a sponsor, you will stand out as a sustainable first mover. You will receive public recognition as a sponsor (if you wish) and be mentioned in a press release, on our website, social media, and other means of communication. Also, sponsors can communicate about the sponsorship via their own communication channels and use Greenlight’s brand identity.