Together we bring attention to Aarhus as a beacon of sustainability

What is Greenlight?

Everybody is talking about sustainability – Aarhus is showing what it is. Greenlight is a large, annual urban event that kickstarts spring with a celebration of sustainability. This is where we, together, showcase our sustainable choices and development in Aarhus.

The aim is for us as an urban community to come together and share the inspiration to live more sustainable lives. At the same time, this brings us closer to achieving Aarhus’s and Denmark’s goals for climate and sustainability, as well as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The majority of the Danish population knows that a carbon neutral and sustainable society is a precondition for continued welfare, health, and community across the world. Analyses show that the interest in, and commitment to, living a climate-friendly life is common for most people. However, despite accessible knowledge and relevant tools, we still need more carbon neutral initiatives and action to ensure that we meet our shared climate goals.

Greenlight gives businesses, educational institutions, culture and association activities, public organisations, and citizens the opportunity to develop, test, and show their solutions and actions at a visionary, big-scale event. The event unites all stakeholders in Aarhus and surrounding areas in a shared effort to create awareness and action regarding sustainable, climate-friendly and carbon neutral practice in the city and the world.

“What we do locally is important – both to our local communities and the entire world, when viewed in a larger perspective. By rallying around the sustainability agenda, we as a city can contribute to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and thereby creating a better world. This is the potential that we, at Aarhus Water, see in Greenlight and back up in a strategic partnership in which we involve our collaboration partners.”

— Lars Schrøder, CEO, Aarhus Vand

6 days with a focus on the green, informed choices we make together

Greenlight saw the light of day 19 – 21 March 2021, with a COVID-19 safe celebration centred on online and outdoor activities as well as retailers in the central city. Participants in Greenlight included Changemakers and guests – everyone was welcome to join the sustainable urban event.

Greenlight is an annual, recurring urban event that will take place every March until 2030. The event unites Aarhus around a shared vision, where we as a city highlight the green transition and help each other make sustainable choices even more obvious. Together we can celebrate Aarhus as a spearhead of the green transition.

The next Greenlight event takes place Tuesday 29 March – Sunday 3 April. Once again, the activities will focus on sustainable development and climate-friendly actions in Aarhus. We are currently working hard on planning the event, which in 2022 will be extended to last for a week.

COVID-19: it important for us to stress that Greenlight focuses on avoiding increased infection rates.

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Anne Storm Rasmussen

“Denmark is part of the green transition, where higher educational institutions have a central task in ensuring labour and relevant further training for a changing labour market. At Business Academy Aarhus, we include sustainability as a practical element of our teaching. Sustainability is a common responsibility, and we want to make our contribution to meeting that responsibility.”

— Anne Storm Rasmussen, principal, Erhvervsakademi Aarhus

In brief

Vision towards 2030

Our vision is clear. Together with the entire urban community, Greenlight aims to turn Aarhus into a beacon of sustainability for Denmark and the entire world. Greenlight brings together the sustainable initiatives and actions of Changemakers in Aarhus. Once a year, we gather in sustainable activities and experiences to celebrate sustainability.

Greenlight’s collaboration partners contribute to shaping the direction and development of Greenlight. Year by year, we decide on specific project areas that are developed and implemented in collaboration. If you would like to gain influence on Greenlight’s development, please contact one of the Greenlight founders.

Thank you to Greenlight’s collaboration partners: Aarhus Kommune og Aarhus Omstiller, VIA, CAVI, Erhvervsakademi Aarhus, FO Aarhus, Aarhus City Forening, Vestergadeforeningen, Bruuns Galleri, Salling, Paustian, Normal, Sydbank, Erhverv Aarhus, Aarhus Vand, Niras, Acter, Aarhus Event, Sager der Samler, Visit Aarhus, ARoS, Aarhus Teater, Monolit, Fair Festival og GoGreen Denmark.

Become a sponsor

As a Greenlight sponsor, you create the opportunity for us as an urban community to help accelerate the green transition and make Aarhus a spearhead of sustainability.

Become a Changemaker

As a Changemaker in Greenlight, you get to show how you work with sustainability. Thereby, you contribute to inspiring others to take the next step towards sustainable change.